You will get to know when a message forwards many times on WhatsApp, after its next update

WhatsApp has 40 crores active users across India and there are around thousands of messages that have been forwarded without any key of knowledge from where they were originated or about their Genuity. Keeping all these in mind, WhatsApp has started rolling ‘frequently forwarded’ feature for its users in India. As the name infers the users to recognize a message that has been sent on different occasions on the same platform. Such sent messages will accompany an exceptional twofold bolt symbol. Users will likewise get a warning when they’re sending a much long time forwarded sent messages to other people.

The ”frequently forwarded’ highlight has been under trial for a long while. The new name shows up when a message has been sent multiple times. WhatsApp says the occasions a message has been sent is encrypted.

WhatsApp is likewise going to truncate long instant messages, for example, chain messages. Users will have the alternative to tap to see the full message. The company trusts the new highlights will help improve the experience on the stage, particularly in group chats.

“We’ve acquainted an update with our sent message name that enables users to recognize when they’ve gotten messages that were recently sent a few times, for example, a chain message. These very sent messages will be set apart with a twofold bolt symbol and users will get a notice when they are sending such messages,” said an official at WhatsApp.

The most recent component that is WhatsApp’s ‘forward’ mark for messages which was added a year ago on WhatsApp, also shows up over each sent message. WhatsApp has likewise constrained the capacity to advance a message to a limit of five forwards.

WhatsApp’s new highlights are planned for prevent fake news and spread of wrong information on its platform.

WhatsApp is now launching its new integration to WhatsApp on Google Play and App Store, WhatsApp Pay, in India. WhatsApp Global Head Will Cathcart said that the company was expecting to reveal the update at the end of 2019. “To support advanced incorporation in India, we can dispatch the (Pay) update service across the nation in the wake of gathering guidelines,” he added.


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