Woman dies following acid consumption instead of water at private hospital; Bihar

A woman, who is in her 60’s, died on 15th Feb 2018 after drinking a bottle of acid, which was offered to her as water for consuming medicines by a staff of a Bihar hospital (private).

The victim, Shyamali Devi, is a native of Vaishali district, Bihar. She had been undergoing an excision (eye surgery) at a hospital located in Brahmapura village (Banki Tehsil) on 14th Feb evening.

The victim had undergone critical burns inside mouth & throat after drinking acid by a blunder.

“Just after the treatment, the victim was offered some medicines. When she had requested for water to consume the medicines with, the staff gave her a bottle considering that as water”, a Station Housing Officer (aligned to the case) said.

The victim started gagging aloud after supping the acid forthwith which the staff informed the doctor-in-charge, who then, had conducted a surgery. The relatives hastened the victim to a nursing home located adjacent just after the surgery, and where she declared brought dead.

“No statement was recorded as the victim was unable to speak due to the acid injuries. Although, a case had been filed against the doctor and staff and hopefully, an action to be taken after investigation”, SHO said.

A Government doctor said, “The accused had done carelessness as being a part of the medical professionals. An action has to be taken if the two accused found guilty”.


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