Wishes pour in as Rubaru Mr. India 2016, Prateek Baid celebrates his birthday today

One of the greatest models of Indian origin, Prateek Baid.
One of the greatest models of Indian origin, Prateek Baid.

Today, on September 15, a star was born in India. Unaware of his radiance and sparkle, this Rajasthan-born gentleman travelled to the city of dreams – Mumbai, in hopes of becoming a model. His hard work paid off in the year 2016, when he became an overnight sensation in the Indian fashion and beauty pageant industry, making his presence felt overseas as well. It was the month of May in 2016, when for the very first time in history, an Indian model was named ‘the Best International Model’ at one of the biggest international fashion events in the world. He is the first and only Indian model till date that has been named best model of the year, and that even three times. He is the winner of India’s biggest male pageant – Rubaru Mr. India, he is Prateek Baid.

His supporters and admirers along with other Rubaru Mr. India titleholders took to social media today as they extended their wishes to the birthday guy. Birthday wishes started to pour in since the dawn of September 15, as this very tall and handsome gentleman welcomed a new and beautiful year in his life.

Prateek Baid is regarded as one of the greatest models of Indian origin. He has won several titles and modelling events, and holds the record of winning the Best Model award three times (twice in 2016 and later in 2021). He is also the only Indian model to accomplish such a remarkable feat.


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