Was the European Union banned Indonesian Flight – Lion Air?

The Lion Air plane – JT610 had been crashed into the sea on Monday with all 189 onboard dreaded dead. The bodies of the dead passengers, which have been recovered, were sent to their respective next of kin.
The investigation is in process and takes sometime to reveal the exact happening. The search for the black box is still under operation.
Indonesian airlines banned from 2007 till 2016 for flying from Europe due to some of their lacking security relevances, despite that, some were allowed to continue services. The ban was not for a single aircraft company. There were many security issues due to which this ban had to be started off.
“Lion Air – JT610 had reported a problem earlier to this journey and resolved by the technician before Monday,” said by one of the executives. It was flown by an Indian captain Bhavye Suneja along with an Italian.
The JT610, a Boeing 737 Max 8, was in service for 2 months and only completed 800 hours.
The precise cause of the accident is still unknown and the investigation is well under way. We will update the news in the upcoming days, or a new post will be published as a continuation of this one…


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