‘The modest gentleman’ Ankit Sharma talks about reacting to compliments he’s getting after being elected the most handsome face of the year

Rubaru Mr. India Worldwide 2020-2021, Ankit Sharma from Jammu.
Rubaru Mr. India Worldwide 2020-2021, Ankit Sharma from Jammu.

It is often said that a man’s charm enhances when modesty gets added to it. Well, it was recently proved by Ankit Sharma, the winner of Rubaru Mr India 2020-2021 competition when he mentioned that he was still learning to react to the compliments graciously after he was elected the most handsome man of India.

Earlier this year, Ankit was awarded the “Face of the Year” award at India’s biggest pageant for men – Rubaru Mr. India. After his victory, he received a series of compliments and praises from international pageant experts and bloggers for his performance during the pageant. He was even tagged as one of the most handsome Mr. India winners of all time by several pageant followers and consultants from around the world.

In a live online interview, he was asked what was his reaction and feeling to tag of Most handsome face that he has received. While answering the question, he mentioned, “First and foremost, I would like to thank each and every person that honored me with this title. It feels great when you receive such compliments and praises. I am still learning to react to such compliments as this all is very new to me. I feel happy and blessed that people look up to me now. With such a title, an ever bigger responsibility has come on my shoulders in terms of conducting myself. Being completely honest, I still feel very awkward when I get such compliments however, I am trying to learning on how to react to such words of appreciation and praises graciously.”

At the end of the interview, he was again seen extending his gratitude to the God and to all the people who supported him during his journey to the coveted Rubaru Mr. India title and mentioned that he wants to use his title to influence others in a positive way.


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