Soon journey on Indian Railways will cost more if uses cloakrooms, lockers

The passengers with baggage in railway cloakrooms & lockers would pay more for making use of the service.

Indian Railways enabled DRM (Divisional Railway Managers) is planning to raise the charges for the service at stations.

The system will modernise the service with security including an inventory for saving passenger baggage-information against an allotting fee, which might increase on a yearly basis.

Presently, Indian Railways charges Rs. 20 for a locker use with a time-around of 24 hours & Rs. 30 if the time-cap of 1-day exceeds. Prior the charge was Rs. 15.

In February 2013, the rates revised from Rs.10 to 15 and Rs. 15 to 20 a day for using service of cloakrooms and lockers respectively.

Once the new policy gets implemented, the price for a unit of baggage keeping in the cloakrooms and lockers for a stipulated time will judge through an open system (pre-rates integrated).

The new policy decision stated, “The DRMs have full power to revise the tariff of the cloakroom and lockers at stations based on their bounded conditions.”

The cloakroom and lockers service often gets used by backpackers and domestic visitors on their short visits to a famous place.

“Visitors never want to haul their baggage throughout and want a place to keep them safe,” a DRM added. The Indian Railways has been providing the service since its inception.

A Railway Official stated, “The stations, where the crowd-alight and demand are high, there an officer in-field will decide how much to set the fee.”

The service, in fact, is favourable for visitors, travellers – just deposit their baggage and get the receipt on-the-spot along with the designated charges at the time of take-back. The luggage in the cloakrooms and lockers will keep for a month only.

The policy decision also says, there might be a trial run at the identified stations, where Indian Railways will provide space by for a successful 3rd party to run the service.


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