Rubaru Mr India, Ankit Sharma requests everyone to follow safety measures as India sees 2nd wave of COVID-19

Rubaru Mr. India Worldwide 2020-2021, Ankit Sharma.
Rubaru Mr. India Worldwide 2020-2021, Ankit Sharma.

He was named the most handsome man in India earlier this year, and recently he proved that he embodies an equally good-looking, beautiful and very compassionate heart. Ankit Sharma, the winner of Rubaru Mr. India 2020-2021 competition, was seen requesting people to follow the safety measures and guidelines in an online interview chat show, took place on April 25, 2021.

On being asked, if he had any message for the viewers watching the interview, Ankit mentioned, “This message is from Ankit Sharma, who is a citizen of India, to all my fellow countrymen, please everyone follow the safety measures and guidelines issued by the authorities. The second wave of COVID – 19 is very atrocious and dangerous. Please wear mask(s), stay safe, avoid crowded places and large gatherings, and take care of yourself and your families. As citizens of this country, it is our responsibility and duty to control the spread of this virus.”

India is witnessing a second wave of COVID -19, many cities have already entered lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. Amid such harsh times, Ankit mentioned that it is our responsibility as the citizens of the nation to follow all possible safety guidelines and also request and encourage others to adhere to these safety measures so that we all can welcome a better a tomorrow soon.


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