Rubaru Mr. India 2020-21: Top 16 candidates revealed for the months of Jul, Aug, Sept and Oct (first half)

Rubaru Mr. India organization revealed the names of Top 16 candidates for the next edition of Rubaru Mr. India pageant. The candidates were revealed for the months of July, August, September and October (first half). The list of Top 16 candidates was released in random order. The selection process comprised a holistic and systematic approach. The candidates were judged on their performances in the common assignments and tasks given to them by the organization.

Top 16 candidates revealed for the months of Jul, Aug, Sept and Oct (first half)

Below is are the names of the candidates, in random order. who made it to the Top 16 (for the months – July, August, September and the first half of October).

  1. Tseteej Shiwakoty from Sikkim.
  2. Gopinath Ravi from Tamil Nadu.
  3. Manish Kumar from Haryana.
  4. Bharat Prem Chand from New Delhi.
  5. Armaan Hakim from Maharashtra.
  6. Amit Kachhap from Odisha.
  7. Songashim Rungsung from Manipur.
  8. Akash Gill from Chandigarh.
  9. Rendel Ferros from Goa.
  10. Ankit Sharma from Jammu and Kashmir.
  11. Shouryaditya Singh from Jharkhand.
  12. Rohan Jain from Karnataka.
  13. Amit Mann from New Delhi.
  14. Rahul Chavan from Maharashtra.
  15. Dr. Gaurav Sharma from Haryana.
  16. Sangarsh Verenkar from Goa.
Top 16 candidates revealed for the months of Jul, Aug, Sept and Oct (first half)
Top 16 candidates revealed for the months of Jul, Aug, Sept and Oct (first half)

All the candidates were assigned some points as per his performance in the activities and assignments that were given to them and how well they performed in those tasks. Along with that, each candidate’s activity on social media and other platforms was observed; how the candidate responded to the tasks and how well he responded to the group and his supporters and showed sportsmanship. Keeping under consideration all these parameters each candidate was assigned some additional points and then all the points earned by each candidate was summed up to get a grand total score of his performance. Below are the 16 candidates in random order who scored the highest points.

As mentioned by the Rubaru Mr. India organization, there was a very close call for all the candidates as the difference between their points was very less. This list may change for coming months as the difference in grand total score was very less for a few candidates who did not enter the top 16.

The finale of the contest has been moved to next year and there will be a combined event for the years 2020 and 2021. The pageant will be titled as Rubaru Mr. India 2020-21 and the winner of the event will hold the title for 2 years i.e. 2020 and 2021. The winner and tops placers of the pageant will get the opportunities to represent India at some of the most well-established and prestigious international pageanst and modelling competitions.


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