Representing 2 most Important Styles of Men’s Wedding Wear

Ever since evolution, the most important & awaited day of a man’s life is the “Wedding Day” – When a couple gets married.

Wedding planning can be an amazing part of life, inclusive of huge challenges and stress along with the happy moments. Indeed, one cannot accomplish the whole program as a single step, rather involves various organizing values.

Deciding about “what a groom should wear on his wedding day” is one of the most complicated tasks making him to walk from tougher situations. When the day gets nearer, friends and family members of the groom start preparing for that auspicious occasion. They get engaged in those preparations that take time to decide, and consequently, one of them is “what should a groom wear on the wedding day”. The family members start shopping in the market as well as on the best online mens clothes shopping sites, making them easier to shop for the wedding attire. A variety of Formal and Casual wears is available on the online websites with most popular styles trending in the wedding season. Most of the people don’t know the dresses under formal and semi-formal attire. Therefore, its better to know the complete wedding attire and here are they:

Formal look

The wedding suit is the most important part for a groom. It includes many items from Tie to Trouser. For Tie, Black-Color is the perfect and eternally matches with formal dress. Most people wear it in many occasions including wedding. The full attire items are always available on the best online mens clothes shopping sites. Therefore, its better to buy a complete outfit from an online website, where each item gives a special wedding-touch:

Formal look

Suit: It is a pair of black (or dark blue) close-fitting coat with resembling trouser. Coat’s lapels and buttons have satin facings while the trouser being plain along the outseam. The coat should have a top lapel or cloak collar with no vents and the trousers with no belt loops to attain the pleasing look of a western groom.

Shirts: On the wedding day, Men turn down the collar of the shirt to make the black-tie looks open and pleasing, while the wing collar is more appropriate with white tie. The buttons may either be covered (a fly front) or on the show (a French placket). The shirt-front may also be plain if men like to be in a cleaner look.

Shoes: The black-tie footwear tapped with a satin or silk bow on top is rare to see these days. Instead, men wear simple black leather lace-ups with no brogue. As far as one knows, simplicity is the key here – the thinner the details, the extra formal the shoes are..!

Accessories: First the attention goes to bow-tie – it’s a must. The bow-tie must face parallel with the face and suit. On the Wedding occasion, a waistcoat is optional, whereas men usually end-up the look with fine cufflinks on the shirt and a pocket square on the waistcoat.

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Semi Formal look

These days, the semi-formal look in men is befitting on the wedding day. As the name signifies it as a more comfortable dress code than black tie and suits, but it never comes even near to casual dressing. Imagining of a semi-formal wardrobe is elegant & sophisticated, but not as formal as a suit.


Suits: A dark suit looks exceptional and its the best-way to define a semi-formal look. Black, navy, and light Grey are all worthy options. During the day, a light-colored suit can be worn.

Shirts: Solid colors are always an excellent choice, but shirts with a subtle pattern are in vogue NOWADAYS. Make sure the shirt is fresh, clean and pressed.

Shoes: The footwear should be elaborate enough to show-up a semi-formal look. Oxfords are a good choice at this stage, and monk straps for a bolder look. Make sure the shoes to wear are clean, well-polished and in high-grade looking.

Accessories: Semi-formal is a stylish dress code, while it drops some place for creativity and interpretation when dressed. Personal touches like white-tie, cummerbund etc. are also the best but should be stable with the look.

From black tie to casual, the best online mens clothes shopping sites have everything that is special for wedding attire. The online options make the wedding day even more special and meaningful with a variety of collection.

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