Plan to issue pink tickets to women for free rides

The Delhi cabinet is probably going to approve free travel for women on DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and cluster buses soon. The Delhi government has named a new category ticket for this called pink ticket. For each ‘pink’ ticket to be issued for a free ride, the government will repay the operator Rs 10, independent of the distance travelled.

As indicated by a government source, a meeting has just been arranged and right after that. “It has been sent to the law and the fund offices, and will be displayed before the cabinet soon,” source said.

In spite of the fact that Delhi government intends to give free rides to women in both Delhi Metro and buses, DMRC will require more than 5 months to execute it, and that is the reason the government is anxious to begin the scheme on buses soon, the source said. “When the proposal is approved, DTC will be coordinated to make it happen,” source added.

A DTC official said the partnership had submitted two choices on implementing the scheme. “One alternative is to issue tickets to women without charging them and the other is to issue exceptional travel goes for which the government can pay the appropriation to the operators,” the official said.

The charge for going in a DTC or cluster bus is Rs 5 for up to 4km, Rs 10 for 4km to 10km, and Rs 15 for distance past 10 km. “A traveller spends Rs 10 on a ride on an average basis and that is the sum the government will be paying per ticket,” official said.

While DTC would have favoured free passes, the government has gone for tickets, the official said. “In contrast to these, for which a month to month charge or Rs 800 could have been repaid, the government needed unique tickets with the goal that the accurate number of excursions can be tallied and repaid.” The DTC official, also, guaranteed that it would have been simpler to monitor ridership through passes and give the record to the government.

The DTC transports work under stage carriage licenses, and under Section 124 of the Motor Vehicles Act, free travel isn’t permitted in them, the official mentioned. “That is the reason a pass or an exceptional ticket is required to make the plan legitimately viable.”

DMRC has additionally submitted two propositions — while one includes joining the adjustments in its product and savvy cards, the other one expects women to purchase unique tokens at ticket counters or by means of vending machines.


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