Our Directives

These directives are applicable to all NewsfrenzyOrg users*.

Note: newfrenzy in logo and Newsfrenzy.Org or NewsfrenzyOrg are pointing to NewsfrenzyOrg only. The same statement applies to all social media profiles of NewsfrenzyOrg, and is directly applicable to the affiliate company – GrehIndia, wherever it displays.

  • A user* is requested to post an article every week, failing of which leads to name the account as dormant and communicated respective user with a warning email.
  • A user, which is inactive for days (7 days only, considering from the start of a week), will be provided a three weeks period to post an article, aftermath the user’s details will be blocked from NewsfrenzyOrg.

Note: A warning email mentioned in the first directive has a connection with the second one. It means the week in which we send you the warning email will be counted as the first one in the three weeks period.

  • A user will not be communicated after sending a warning email, however, the right to block his/her account signed-up by NewsfrenzyOrg after the completion of the three weeks period is solely with NewsfrenzyOrg itself. NewsfrenzyOrg will provide an exception, and cancel out the three weeks period if NewsfrenzyOrg receives a valid reason on email for not posting any article or inactive status of the account within the three weeks period.
  • Once a warning email is issued to any user, no further warning will be sent about posting an article, even in the future, if the same user sticks to the prior three weeks period directive successfully. In addition to it, the procedure follows of the three weeks period in which any weekly posting rule gets missed, the respective week will be continued as the first week and the three weeks period directive carries on.
  • Any user who has taken Premium Tag (Editor), in exchange of monetary funding, is exempted from following the three weeks period directive.

Note: A monetary funding, here we mean, is a surety amount that a company pays for 1-year-time. It is refundable, and NewsfrenzyOrg has the right to put it on hold in case the Premium Tag user breaches any of the directives applicable other than the three weeks period directive. 

  • A user is responsible for the article(s) he/she is posting/publishing or has/was posted/published. For idea, theme, content or/and story, the user is using, will be dealt with under his/her name only by NewsfrenzyOrg, and everything he/she is posting/publishing would be aware of, and responded to when others/companies or any 3rd party questioned upon.
  • A user registered with NewsfrenzyOrg is allowed to post/publish unbounded number of articles, and all those become the property of NewsfrenzyOrg along with the responsibility taken by original user(s).
  • A user posted an article – before closing the business with NewsfrenzyOrg – does not legally file any claims for the article or ask NewsfrenzyOrg to remove the article he/she posted. NewsfrenzyOrg agreed with the user as part of it at the time he/she posted it and as per directive; and as per record, it was posted by him/her only. NewsfrenzyOrg may dispose of the articles mentioned herewith, if they are affecting any business or company.
  • No article will be modified without the consent of respective user by NewsfrenzyOrg. It is, also, requested to post the content, which are genuine and pointing to the title of the article(s).
  • A user (individual) cannot promote a company, here on NewsfrenzyOrg. If it is found, then the account will be blocked with prior email communication.
  • A user, claiming as company, can promote an article by adding its link in the content and that is solely taking permission from NewsfrenzyOrg.
  • A user is requested to post the content that does not relate anything and which directly or obliquely affects any individual, organisation (organization), company, etc. to some or large extent.
  • A user can add image or video by specifying its source, failing of which leads to deletion of the same.
  • A user or visitor is not allowed to represent NewsfrenzyOrg in/on any place/website without NewsfrenzyOrg’s permission. If it is found and claimed by anyone, then NewsfrenzyOrg does not legally answerable for that. NewsfrenzyOrg is an independent website, and information found on posts is/are solely based upon users’ idea or desire to post it/them on NewsfrenzyOrg.
  • NewsfrenzyOrg does not charge fees from individuals, who do not willing to promote any company. This does not applicable to companies contacting the administer.

User*/Users* – Whose details get registered after communicating with administer (email address provided on website).

Implementation Date: Sunday, 19 April 2020.

Authoritative Date: Monday, 13 April 2020.

Last Updated: Sunday, 3 October 2021.