My Happy Place

Writing fact, fiction, faction, or even fantasy, putting pen 

and paper in my hand can transport me to another time 

and place or to another land. Painting word pictures can 

create imaginative stories and games for children or 

help the blind to see. 

As a child the other children and in the neighborhood 

and I put on plays that I wrote. But it is the adult 

years that have played important roles in my life and 

helped to keep me sane. 

After the major car wreck in Michigan my doctors 

and attorney told me to journal. When the seizures 

became severe journaling is what helped me to survive. 

If I didn’t journal I would forget the events of the day. 

But then the next day I would not even remember that

I journaled. The journaling helped me to stay sane. 

Writing was My Happy Place.

Photography is another love. Someone told me to use 

my photos with my writings which I have done in books. 

However, the photos have inspired writings. So again 

Writing is My Happy Place.

Genealogy is another love. I was asked to write two

separate articles at two different times. The one about 

Professor Stephen Goodrich is the one that thrilled me 

most. For someone to have that much faith in my writing 

really excited me. Both articles were published in the 

Goodrich Family Quarterly Newsletters. The one about 

Professor Goodrich I was told to enter into the ISFHWE

writing contest. ISFHWE stands for International Society 

of Family History Writers and Editors. I didn’t win an 

award but the newsletter it was in came in third. The

content in the newsletter is what earned that award. 

Writing once more was My Happy Place.

Regarding the article about Professor Goodrich, my 

husband and my name are in the bibliography for 

something we translated. My article is the only one

I have found about his life that was not totally scientific. 

I chronicled his life. 

Through my research and contact with a genealogist 

group in the UK I was able to locate his burial place. 

He died in 1946 so that was an accomplishment. 

I sent my article and that information to the college 

where he last taught. They helped me for free. 

Writing has gained me accolades, my own bi-line, 

brought forth poems and prose in me, both happy 

and sad. I processed my journaling which helped

me to understand my emotions and helped to keep 

me sane.

In spite of being in a major car wreck five days after 

my 48th birthday, receiving severe injuries to my brain, 

not being hospitalized till two weeks later, a seizure

disorder, long battles with social security, and battles

with depression but not giving in I have accomplished 

much, the seizures are now under control and so is 

the cyst on my brain. 

There have been battles with my legs being able to 

walk, not being able to walk, walking short distances 

in the house and using a motorized scooter and a 

wheelchair. Not being able to work and not having

an income. Being homeless and without food. My 

dog and I lived out of my van for three months 

while in my fifties. So I understand what it’s like 

to be homeless, without food and clothing. When 

workers compensation doctors neglect to turn 

in documents to the workers compensation 

insurance company that really smarts because that 

puts the recipient without funds.

I was born on Frank Sinatra’s birthday. Singing is 

another love but it has been writing that has saved my life.

At the tender age of 78, like the energizer bunny and 

still going and going and going. I ain’t giving up. As 

long as I can write, type, or record with my voice, 

Writing will be My Happy Place. 

I was told I will have a pen and pad in my hand at 

my own funeral. I will never give up.

No doubt about it Writing has always been 

My Happy Place.

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Moonlightflower is the name I chose for my Native American heritage and it is also my pen name. My research revealed we are descended from the Chitimacha, not Cherokee like we were told as children. There is Cherokee on the Goodrich side but it comes from the wife's side of a Goodrich which is not in direct line with my brother, sister, and me. Further back in our family history there is MicMaq Indian. Many Americans can probably trace back to some Native American in their bloodline, some direct and some not direct descendancy. Click on the URL above ( below my name and you'll be redirected to my website...


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