More than 100 animals died due to traumatic shock

In the national capital zoo, several animals pertaining to different species had died in the last few years. The reasons being pointed are traumatic shock or psychological distress, a report with RTI revealed them. If we are counting from the past, about 29 had died in 2017-2018, another 78 in the next year, and certainly the number decreased to 37 in 2019-2020 due to several precautionary steps taken over to control the deaths.

An animal activist, who had earlier filed RTI, expressed that a few cases of tuberculosis deaths were reported in the death list in the last 3 years, and those were directing some kind of failure of the vaccination operations held at the zoo.

Urging to Central Zoo Authority, the activist requested for an urgent action to improve the situations that are seen nowadays.

In the RTI replies, these things were brought out and spotlighted where most of the animals had died due to traumatic shock or psychological distress. In addition to it, very few died due to elderly span of life that pressurizes question on the management and animals’ medical care team.

White Ibis bird was found dead in a pond, and later eaten by predators, who were there in its environment. It was happened on May 9, 2019 with its feathers as carcass found nearby or in the pond. It, also, questions the irregularity in the preservation of the rarely found birds in the country.

RTI replies mention more attention in this regard or portray a new schema that further move in the way of animals’ well-being and advances their average lifespan to some extent.

Further reports about improper records of animals, expired medicines and illness prevention or spread are found missing or non-observance to safeguard them. Eventually, the best possible care must be provided to every living species at the zoo.


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