Briefing All

Note: newfrenzy in logo and Newsfrenzy.Org or NewsfrenzyOrg are pointing to NewsfrenzyOrg only. The same statement applies to all social media profiles of NewsfrenzyOrg, and is directly applicable to the affiliate company – GrehIndia, wherever it displays.

NewsfrenzyOrg adds bloggers to come in contact with much of things in the Internet world, and offers more elbow room to read, comment, interact with, edit, proofread articles of real-world news publishers together.

We have around hundreds of articles, published by the users who reside across the world. These include the piece of writing from all segments that we see in the existing state. That means millions of people can join us, who are waiting indifferently and looking to share their articles and website links (which do not have much traffic) with the world.

What are the things that we omit as of now.

We never put your articles on hold or evaluation as does by other website. *However, we proofread every article that has been posted on NewsfrenzyOrg regardless of its posting date. The task will be done by other users who are in effect of the job assigned by NewsfrenzyOrg administers.

We, apart from administers, do not verify any of the users at the moment. Our strategy is to get more and more users so they can easily uplift their talents at NewsfrenzyOrg on the very first day they traverse the website.

We believe in writing, either it’s a 1-word post or 1000-word. We or our minds never fade at any moment from the users’ talent of NewsfrenzyOrg and so with their articles, which denote how they are describing, because NewsfrenzyOrg knows why they are here. However, we are requesting to not to post anything that will directly or obliquely affect any individual, organisation (organization), company, etc. to some or large extent.

There are more to come… Keep visiting to know the next update…