Mister Cuba, Rubert Manuel Arias from Havana

Rubert Manuel Arias

Rubert Manuel Arias Solozábal from Havana has been elected Mister International Cuba 2020. He will represent Cuba at the next edition of the world’s biggest international pageant for men – Mister International. He will mark Cuba’s debut at Mister International competition.

Rubert Manuel Arias

Rubert is a model by profession. He stands 6 ft. and 1inch tall and has dark brown eyes. He is 26 years old and is a student of Computer Science and Engineering. He also holds a degree in English language from Miami Dade College. This is the second time that he has been elected Mister Cuba. Earlier, in 2019, he was elected Mister Global Cuba and represented Cuba at one of the biggest international pageants in the world – Mister Global held in Thailand. At the event, he was placed amongst the best 10 models. He is one of the very few models in the world who have been part of two of the biggest international and most prestigious international pageants – Mister International and Mister Global.


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