Man lost his life just after got half-swallowed by Medical Imaging Machine; Mumbai

A man swept into a Medical Imaging Machine at a Mumbai hospital and died after his half-body got into the Machine. Before the incident, he was carrying an oxygen cylinder into the room, after getting an assurance from the ward boy that the machine was switched OFF and was safe to go inside.

The family of the victim says the machine turned ON when it was supposed to get turned OFF. The heedlessness of ward boy, on-duty, had taken a precious life, which indeed was not acceptable in any case. His assurance, even after it was instructed not to carry any metallic object (jewelry, zippers, buttons, underwire and medical equipment) inside the Medical Imaging Machine room, was beyond extremity.

Rajesh Maru, the victim, stepped into the Medical Imaging room with an oxygen cylinder (after being instructed by ward boy), got pulled by the magnetic field of the machine with great force that left his half of the body outside, and rest got absorbed.

The scary incident befell on the Saturday evening when the victim accompanying his relative went to a Charitable Hospital, Mumbai, for the latter’s Medical Imaging. “The ward boy had asked the victim to take the cylinder inside the room. When we had informed him about the instructions posted alongside before entering the room, he said: “it’s fine, we do it this on a regular basis”. He also assured that the machine was OFF”, the family added.

“As soon as the victim stepped into the room with the cylinder, the machine that was said OFF was turned ON”, the family said. The force pulled both, and victim’s hand was caught by the machine along with the cylinder, causing oxygen leak. The ward boys succeeded to drag him out of the machine; however, his body was inflated and was bleeding massively. He then hurried to the emergency ward, where he died after 5 minutes of arrival.

“It’s due to their negligence that Mr Maru died”, the family said, accusing the ward boy. The victim’s family has demanded compensation and asked to take stern action against those people for the death.

The police have filed a case against Doctor in-charge and the ward boys present at that time for engendering death by negligence. They, also, got arrested at the same time.

The hospital is carrying out an inquiry and, if need be, stern action will exert on them.


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