Kenyan beauty queen, Eleshia Ais launches Reines Palace Cosmetics, her own beauty and wellness brand

Eleshia Ais.
Eleshia Ais.

After having a successful career as a beauty pageant winner and director, former Miss Kenya, Eleshia Ais Ronge has launched her very own wellness and beauty brand – Reines Palace Cosmetics. The brand promotes the concept of natural beauty with minimal effort. The cosmetic line produces a wide range of beauty care products for women belonging to all the sectors of society – from a professional model to a businesswoman; from an educator to a homemaker – the brand’s aim is to provide a range of products that require minimal efforts for day-to-day beauty care and wellness. The products of the brand are based on natural ingredients combined with unique herbal formulas, that requires very less efforts to manage and use.

Eleshia Ais is one of the very few beauty queens in the world that have their own beauty and wellness brands. Along with being a beauty queen and model, she is also a beauty pageant director, mentor and trainer. She is the chairperson of Reines Palace – the parent organization of Reines Palace Cosmetics and Miss Supermodel Worldwide Kenya and Mister Model Worldwide Kenya beauty pageants.

While speaking about launching her make-over and cosmetics line, Eleshia mentioned, “It all started in 2018. I wanted to do something different in my life, and my love for aesthetics, beauty and cosmetics brought me to start my own brand. The brand is based on a ‘feel-good’ atmosphere and a natural beauty prototype.  As a woman, I can understand that we have different roles in life, be it professionally or personally, so self-care is very important. However, most of us are not privileged enough to give an appropriate amount of time for self-care. That is why I chose to develope a line of products that can promote beauty and self-care at minimum effort, using unique formulas that incorporate natural ingredients. Reines Palace products do not require hours of sitting in front of mirror or management after every few intervals in a day, they require very less time to apply and even lesser efforts to manage. As I firmly believe in the saying, time is money, and we promote this saying via Reines Palace Cosmetics”.


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