Kabaddi star, Balli Fakkar Jhanda appointed Punjab Region Head of Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League

Star of Kabaddi fraternity, Balli Fakkar Jhanda has been appointed the Punjab Region Head of Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League. Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League was launched by Indian talent promoting organization – Rubaru Group, earlier this year (2021), to promote India’s indigenous sporting event – Kabaddi. The organization is headed by award-winning entrepreneur, social activist and business person, Sandeep Kumar from Bahadurgarh.

Kabaddi star, Balli Fakkar Jhanda appointed Punjab Region Head of Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League

Balli Fakkar Jhanda is one of the most celebrated and successful Kabaddi players in India. He hails from Fakkar Jhanda village in Punjab. In his splendid career as a Kabaddi player, he has played more than 220 matches and has won ‘The Best Raider’ award 32 times. He credits all his success to his parents, Mr. Virender Singh and Mrs. Ravinder Kaur and to his coach Mr. Babbu Pandit.

While speaking about taking up the responsibility as the head of Punjab region for Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League 2021, he mentioned, “It is indeed an honor for me to lead the Punjab Region at Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League. I feel so happy that I have been given the responsibility to facilitate the Punjab region selection process and welfare of the players. Being Kabaddi player, I always wanted to promote Kabaddi. Getting associated with Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League would give me the opportunity to do so. It would also help me encourage young athletes from different parts of the state to come forward and be a part of it. Just like every other sport, Kabaddi also appreciates talented athletes, no matter where they come from. I appreciate and support Mr. Sandeep Kumar’s venture to promote our very own indigenous sport – Kabaddi, and look forward to work with him.”

While speaking about getting associated with Balli Fakkar Jhanda, the president of Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League, Sandeep Kumar mentioned, “It is a great honor for us to get associated with such a celebrated and experienced player. His experience and excellence in the field of Kabaddi would surely prove beneficial for the new players as well that want to be part of the Kabaddi fraternity. Also, having such a great Kabaddi prodigy as our Punjab Region Head will surely result in selection and training of some of the most talented players. I am eagerly looking forward to work with Mr. Balli Fakkar Jhanda.

The final tournament is scheduled to happen in the second half of the year (2021). International celebrities from countries like Russia, Thailand, Belarus and Kazakhstan have also shown their support for the league and will be travelling to India to attend the tournament as special guests.


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