ISRO found Chandrayaan 2’s Vikram lander on Moon

ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 has captured a thermal image of Vikram Lander and located its whereabouts today. The chief of ISRO informed that its Lander location has been traced but communication to it is still not established.

Perhaps Chandrayaan 2 will reconnect from its orbit to Lander within a period of 14 days and achieve a continued two-way communication. ISRO team is trying to establish a connection with Lander and soon they will accomplish it.

A few days back, ISRO’s attempt to safely land Vikram lander was failed due to a connection drop with Chandrayaan 2 on Moon’s South Pole region. It was a 13-minute landing process and 2.1 KM away from Lunar surface, when the connection between two was lost. It is also said that they two will work for several years on Moon if the connection stays continually.

Although the role of Chandrayaan 2 is critical in its orbit in spite of that, ISRO will try to establish a connection with Vikram Lander, which makes it to play a very significant role apart from what it is.


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