How Nikhil Anand broke the long prevailing monopoly in Indian pageant industry

The Indian beauty pageant industry is one of the biggest and most flourished pageant industries in the world. Today, India has a separate national level pageant for each of the ‘Big 4’ international pageants – Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth. However, things were not the same in past. Earlier, there was just one national pageant in India that held the franchises for all these prestigious international pageants. As a result of which, the younger pageants did not receive much significance as compared to the older ones. The organization that held all these 4 international pageants’ franchises managed to create monopoly in the Indian pageant industry that lasted for more than 60 years. The year 2015, witnessed the arrival of a young and determined gentleman that successfully broke this long prevailing monopoly and gave India its very first independent beauty pageant where all the franchises and winners were treated equally. He brought several reforms in the Indian pageantry and successfully cemented himself as one of most successful pageant owners in the world. He is Nikhil Anand from Bihar.

Nikhil Anand, the man who broke 60-year-old monopoly that existed in Indian pageant industry.
Nikhil Anand, the man who broke 60-year-old monopoly that existed in Indian pageant industry.

Nikhil Anand, from Dharbanga, is the chairman and founder of Glamanand Group, the parent organization of 6 beauty pageants (3 international and 3 national). Glamanand Group owns Miss Multinational, Miss Teen International, Miss Teen Multinational, Miss Teen India, Miss Teen Diva and Glamanand Supermodel India competitions. Nikhil was a student of mechanical engineering in New Delhi, when he created Glamanand Group. In 2015, he acquired the franchise rights of Miss International and Miss Earth beauty pageants after breaking a legacy that existed for more than 50 years. His move was very well-appreciated by the pageant experts from various pageant powerhouse countries. Nikhil’s this move brought reforms in the Indian pageantry that were not able to promulgate earlier due to absence of any other organization to acquire such big international pageant franchises. At very young age of 23. Nikhil became the youngest international pageant owner in the world.

Nikhil Anand with Miss International 2018, Mariem Velazco from Venezuela.
Nikhil Anand with Miss International 2018, Mariem Velazco from Venezuela.

In 2021, he did something that even some big organizations failed to do in India. It was the time when Indian pageant industry was in a state of miserable distress due to the atrocities of COVID-19. Several bigger pageants postponed their events due to lack of potential and preparations. Amid such harsh times, Nikhil successfully conducted Miss Teen Diva beauty pageant and crowned India’s delegates for Miss Teen International, Miss Teen Universe, Miss Teen Multinational and Miss Teen Earth pageants. It was also the very first Indian national pageant to take place in 2021 after COVID-19 caused chaos across the globe.

Later, the same year, Miss Grand International competition announced that they did not have any franchise holder in India for their 2020 edition. Due to absence of any delegate, India was on the verge to withdraw from such a big event, however, Nikhil came forward and continued India’s participation streak at Miss Grand International competition. He selected a delegate only 7 days before the commencement of the pageant and successfully sent her to Thailand. Thus, continuing India’s participation at the said international pageant.

During his entire career as a pageant director, Nikhil Anand has defied all the odds and made way for newer ways and reforms to enter the Indian pageantry. It was about time that India had its pageant industry expanded and it was made possible by this gentleman alone.   


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