Food delivery apps integrate AI to enhance delivery in India

Among millennial, the demand for ordering food online has seen a vast increase in India, and this led people to decamp from the stores and restaurants after inquiring the prices, which actually help them to compare the online, offline prices. With this in mind, the delivery platforms are grasping the best-in-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to cope with steadily changing customer behaviour, errors and customer experiences.

The Indian online food delivery market is expecting to reach a count of INR 400 crores by 2020, according to a survey taken by a research company across the country. It has been since 2016 that the food aggregators Foodpanda, Swiggy and Uber Eats borrowed data of about terabytes for on time delivery and cost-effectiveness food while considering Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), yet it is not integrated with their apps.

The basic idea behind this strategy is to bring exceptional convenience into the lives of people living in all major metros of the country. It has to be done while operating a 3-way, to procure a hyper-local marketplace and compare there with consumer demand along with their orders placed recently while considering nearby restaurants and delivery partners, who got the individual orders.

Swiggy – a leading food delivery app has a plan to use AI/ML across its platform so customers experience the app as one of the Wonderful Outstanding Workers. This way the food delivering and app operational efficiency could stand up to customer contentment.

Even from the consumers’ side, the apps that are going to integrate AI/ML to deliver an individualized uncovering experience for them will probably be retaining intelligence and real-time signals to provide end-to-end update and hence, it will be bringing an exceptional convenience to the delivering party.


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