Exclusive Interview: Melissa Myllyoja, Miss Supermodel Worldwide Finland 2020

Melissa Myllyoja hailing from Nivala has been selected to represent Finland at the upcoming edition of international modelling competition – Miss Supermodel Worldwide, to take place in India in coming months. Currently based in Tampere, Melissa stands 5 ft. and 11 inches tall and has blond hair and light blue eyes. She is a student and a model. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her life and how she feels about representing Finland at an international platform.

Melissa Myllyoja, Miss Supermodel Worldwide Finland 2020.
Melissa Myllyoja, Miss Supermodel Worldwide Finland 2020.

Q. Many congratulations to you on getting selected to represent Finland at the upcoming edition of Miss Supermodel Worldwide. How do you feel about it?
Thank you so much for these lovely wishes. I feel extremely honored and blessed that I got the opportunity of representing Finland at Miss Supermodel Worldwide competition. I would like to thank each and every person who supported in this journey and request you all to please keep supporting me and I shall never let you down.

Q. Tell us something about your hobbies and areas of interest.
For couple of years I have been very interested in Korean skincare practices, music and TV series. I like watching Korean drama series and other shows. Because of this, my current goal is to learn Korean language.

Q. Describe yourself in three words.
Adaptable, catlike and weird.

Q. In your opinion, what is the best way to deal with criticism?
Melissa: It all depends on the type of criticism that I have come across. If it helps me improve myself and point out something I was doing wrong unknowingly, the I would surely take a lesson out of it and remember not to repeat that mistake again. It is a good practice to confront your shortcomings and accepting your flaws. Nobody is perfect, some people are just good at hiding their weaknesses and drawbacks.

Q. When you look back in time, what do you believe has been your greatest lesson?
I all alone moved out of my hometown to the city when I was only sixteen. There being all by myself, I realized that in life you have to be your own hero. Don’t try your best for everybody else. Try your best for yourself. Be your own life’s most trusted companion. I truly hope that someday I can be proud of the strong independent lady that I can call myself. I still have miles to go and discover new things. Never doubt your abilities and always have faith in yourself. If you do not show confidence and faith in yourself, no one else would ever show trust you.

Q. Who or what has been your greatest support in life?
: It may sound weird but I think that the biggest support in my life was my cat. We did everything together since I was eight and could understand each other with this special connection. Through my hardest years when I was bullied in school it stayed by my side. It could really read my moods and comfort me when I needed it and be happy with me when I had great day. My passed away last summer and it felt like very important piece of me left me. But who knows maybe he is still supporting me from somewhere.

Q. Lastly, any message for the readers and your well-wishers.
I hope that despite the situation the world is in, you can all be happy and stay healthy. The human kind will survive we just have to be patient. In the meantime, let’s all do our part in the fight against the virus. Thank you to all those people who supported and are still with me in the journey. Best wishes from Finland.

In coming months, this very gorgeous lady will be seen walking down the runway at Miss Supermodel Worldwide contest. Miss Supermodel Worldwide is the biggest international modelling competition based in South Asia. The event is one of the fastest growing international fashion events in the Asian continent. The pageant is produced by one of the biggest pageant organizations in India, the Rubaru Group. The Rubaru Group also produces 6 other beauty pageants and modelling events in India.


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