Election Year Prayer

This content was Originally Posted on Moonlightflower.org portrayed by Carolyn Bigler Hebert.

Prayer for voting whether presidential election year or otherwise. Originally I wrote this for the 2012 election but it appears it can be used for any election. My regret is I did not post it for this year’s election. I have edited it to apply to any years’ election. The only thing needed is to fill in the blank for the year and how many months prior to the election in the proper fields so marked.

It appears elections have turned in to the devils battle ground. The social media plays a lot in terms of slander and talking down about anyone they oppose. An example is on Facebook. If you don’t agree with what someone says about your candidate or candidates you don’t have to argue with them or rebut with something negative. There is a choice to hide the post on your timeline. Use it.

This begins the prayer for national elections.

Regardless of whom you vote or I vote for, we need to pray for our government officials who are running for an elected position regardless of the position they are vying for. It is important to pray for them and to not vocalize negative criticism because the devil hears our words. For our country to get back on the right path we the people need to get back on the right path.

Criticism, slander, back stabbing does not gain favor but divides a house. If you truly want our house, the USA, to not be a divided nation but to turn back to what history claims us to be, a Nation United Under God, then pray don’t spout untruths, half‐truths and gossip. Gossip hurts the person doing the gossip as well as the person being gossiped about. Gossip does not gain favor it delights the devil. Be careful who you are delighting, God or the devil.

Think about it. Have you ever been made of fool of by your own actions, by what your own tongue professed? God hears what we profess in our minds. God hears what we profess with our tongues (vocalize) but so does the devil. The devil cannot read the mind of a Christian.

In the Old Testament times, God’s armies were always led by the priests. When the waters parted in the Jordan it was the priests’ feet which first hit the turbulent river. In the New Testament times, Christians were also referred to as priests. We must, therefore, go in first.”

The call to action is our call first as civilians in the Army of God. All we need to do is place that heavenly call. It is simple, no need for a cell phone, no need for pen and paper. The call is simple, it is prayer backed by faith. Therefore the line of communication is open, the number is dialed and this is our conversation:
“Father in the name of Jesus we are calling for Your protection and Your guidance.

Holy Spirit breathe your breath on the path of our government officials who are vying for an elected position, be they president, vice president, governor, senator or any other government position and make straight their paths.
1. Give to them the knowledge for what is best for our peoples and what is best for our country.
2. Give to them the wisdom to use that knowledge wisely.
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3. Give to them the courage to stand on their own merits and to not discredit their contenders.
4. Slander does more harm than good. Slander distracts.
5. Distraction is the tool of the devil.
6. Think: Is this election for the good of our people or for the bad?
7. Think: If this election is for the good then cause all who are in this race to verbalize the truths; cause all who are qualified to vote to think and pray before they speak.

Once elected, LORD, we beseech you to guide and protect them as they are called to duty to protect our great nation.

We are also calling on your protection for the innocent, LORD. This election of (fill in the year) has become a battle field. It has become a battle field of who did what and who will do what, not what I will to best serve our great nation. The internet has become a weapon.
Wars do not protect all involved but divides, lives are lost, reputations are ruined. As is observed by this election and similar ones in the past, wars are not always fought on battle grounds.

Wars are also those unseen in the emotions, in homes, on our own home front, people starving, people homeless, people jobless, people destitute, and people hopeless. We need new life to our dreams, to our hopes for a better tomorrow LORD.

We are calling on You heavenly Father to send the Holy Spirit to breathe Your breath on our great nation. You be there with each person involved in this years’ election. Be there with each step they take, with each breath they take, with each decision they make. Remind YOUR peoples to think before they speak and to pray before they think.

Open the eyes of those who do not know You and who are not fully involved in helping our country to overcome the trials and tribulations that have come upon us as a nation.

And give new strength and courage to those who do know You LORD and who are striving to help this great nation of ours. Give them the courage to stand tall and speak up and be bold as Paul was during Biblical times. Remind them that Paul was not only a warrior but a prayerful warrior in the LORD.

After the election, we need men and women of courage to help our new leaders. Bring us all together as we should be for we are all one united in fellowship with YOU almighty one when we kneel and pray, when we are in our prayer closet and pray.

We are calling to pray that You in Your mighty power bring to justice what is truth.
Pierce the hearts of those who mean harm, dear LORD, so deeply as to convict them of their evil ways.

Bring about confusion to their greed for power, for control of Your peoples. This nation has long been turning to selfishness and too much greed, what is in it for me with less concern for our fellowman, our neighbor, and our friends. Not only is it hands across the table but hands across the waters for we should be reaching out to all peoples, all mankind.
In advance we thank YOU for YOU are almighty and powerful. Only YOU are more powerful than anything the enemy may toss at us. You LORD are more powerful than any illicit drug, illicit affairs, illicit sex, unlawful acts, lust for money, lust for power, control over people, and vicious acts.
You, LORD, had Gideon reduce his army from 32,000 to 300 men. They were equipped with nothing but trumpets, pitchers, and torches. When Gideon gave the command, You made the enemy flee, crying and turning on each other. You, God, messed with enemy plans. We are calling on YOU to mess with the enemy’s plans.

Reverend Billy Graham always sent a prayer team six months in advance of a revival. We are less than (fill in the number of months) away from Election Day. The call to prayer is NOW, not tomorrow, but NOW. If you have not been in prayer over this election you are behind. Get caught up and begin NOW.

Thank YOU LORD for hearing our call. Thank YOU LORD for blessing all the prayer teams who have beckoned to this plea and are making calls to YOU LORD.

In sweet Jesus’ name we complete this call. Amen and Amen.”

Please pass this along to your friends, your family, your e‐buddies, your acquaintances.
Our government, our country and our military need our prayerful support.

Remember in God’s Word, 2 Chron. 7:14 He states, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

We must pray for our nation and its leaders and ask for forgiveness. Please send this to people in your address book? Ask them to pray EVERY DAY. There is power in prayer.


  1. My website is no longer online. Going back and reading what you borrowed make me wish it was still up. My husband and I are trying to size down. My 81st birthday is Sun. Dec 12th. He is now 84.
    moonlightflower.org sorry is no longer online My server is hoping..


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