Delhi Women to get lifetime free rides on Delhi Buses, Metro

Women in Delhi can travel long free in Delhi transport, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reported today, days after his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was cleared out in each of the seven Lok Sabha seats in the on-going national decision.

Officials have been given 7 days to set up a detailed report after which a proposition will be acquired, he said.

The Delhi Metro is partially run by the central government.

The move, which is yet to be cleared, will be propelled in a quarter of a year, said Mr Kejriwal, including that it would cost the Delhi government Rs. 700 crore this year. On whether he expected to run the arrangement by the Center, given Delhi’s fractional statehood status, he answered in a negative way.

“The individuals who need to purchase tickets are allowed to do as such; they need not take the endowment. A few women can bear the cost of these methods of transport. The individuals who can bear the cost of it, can purchase tickets and forgo concession so others could get profit,” he clarified.

The Delhi Chief Minister said his administration would bear the expense of free rides for women on the Delhi Metro and buses.

“At the present time our worry is the well-being of women. There are questions with respect to the metro, yet we will tell you how the proposition advances at each progression,” Mr. Kejriwal said

Mr Kejriwal’s AAP, which has been administering Delhi since 2015, was shocked by the Lok Sabha results in which it neglected to win even one of the seven Lok Sabha seats. The BJP held every one of the seats, a sign that AAP might be stuck in an unfortunate situation as Delhi goes for gathering surveys one year from now.

“Delhi is the main government that is straightforward and is spending for the benefits of Delhiites only,” he added.

The AAP likewise said their legislature was in contact with the city’s capacity controller to cut down the fixed charge segment of power bills.

An AAP official answered: “It boosts women who can’t stand to take the Metro to begin utilizing it, which is a more secure choice for them than utilizing ride sharing, cars, and private transports during the evening.”


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