Delhi Gang War: Police said two people shot dead inside their cars in Dwarka

A sudden gang war took place near Dwarka Mor metro station at 4-4:30 pm, where 2 suspected criminals were shot dead when they were travelling on their cars. Police distrust this as a property dealing case, which started after a party filed a dispute against the money paid for its purchase. In account of that, a case has been registered at a police station near Bindapur or its inner locality.

Police said on Sunday, it was a clear case of gang war between two adversary gangs near the Dwarka Mor metro station (located in South West Delhi).

Suspected Criminals

Parveen Gehlot and Vikas Dalal, both of them are the residents of Nawada – who were shot dead – had caught for numerous cases of thieveries, murders and blackmailing in, police added.


It was around 4pm when 3 men driving a car stopped the car driven by Parveen Gehlot and opened gun firing at him. 15 firing rounds were fired on both the parties which frightened commuters and public. A PCR van reached near the metro station and managed to control the situation by killing one of 3 men. As far as the reports say, 2 men were managed to flee.

Parveen was killed before police reach the location and Vikas was shot dead by Police personnel.

A case of murder has been registered against the other 2 men, whom the police identified while they are at large now. Vikas was escaped from Haryana police detention in 2018.


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