Crystal the Gospel Clown

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blinking star baby picture 1941 blinking star


Somebody asked when did I start clowning and I replied,
“The day I was born. I tried to be born seat first!”
And in this picture, you can see, I was born to entertain!”
The photo above was taken in early 1941. I am in the process of updating these pages.


Crystal born 1985 Kalamazoo



graduating clown class

This is the entire class that graduated from the Clown for Christ Workshop at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Kalamazoo, MI. Crystal is the third from the right on the back row standing.


Crystal performing for the staff at Great Lakes Institute of Biblical Studies in Granville, Michigan (1988) outside Grand Rapids where I studied public speaking from a Christian perspective at GLIBS, Great Lakes Institute of Biblical Studies The initials make a funny logo!

Photo of Crystal the clown


Crystal summer 1993, Fort Worth

Crystal in Fort Worth, Texas summer of 1992. Crystal delivered the sermon at all three morning worship services at Genesis United Methodist Church. Other credits: retirement centers, Delta Airlines, grand openings, superchurch, jail ministry, and in several states. Crystal also does a communion service that is totally awesome. Who is Crystal? Why my alter ego! Better a fool for Christ than man’s fool.


Cow Town Clown Alley photo

Above is a photo of Cow Town Clown Alley in Fort Worth, Texas around 1989.

View of group photos enlarged


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