Continue Mumbai Metro work in Aarey forest

SC (Supreme Court) in this week has cleared that the order to stop cutting down of trees is applicable in the Mumbai`s Aarey forest and it does not mean to stop the construction work of Mumbai Metro. It also asked to continue the construction work and on contrary, equal number of saplings has to be sown and trees to be transplanted.

Earlier this month, Solicitor General assured that the number of trees that are required to cut has been cut down and no more tree cutting would be initiated.

A petition filed by many and represented by a Senior Counsel presented reports before the court that some of the transplanted trees are yet to be in able-bodied. After considering this, the apex court had asked to prepare a report from Maharashtra government on how many saplings sown and the tree numbers that are transplanted.

On the same day, the Advocate on the side of Mumbai Metro has given Delhi Metro as an example which is availed by 60 lakh commuters and mentioned that the public transport has helped in controlling air pollution in Delhi. This was in reply of the plea by the petitioners` counsel who found the area where the car shed is planned to construct is falling under the category of unclassified forest.

The stopping of the Aarey forest tree cutting has become an exigency as environmentalists and locals on its side and Mumbai Metro on the other side.

SC has initiated a probe on this when a group of law students wrote to Chief Justice of India seeking an intervention on the matter. This move was followed by the rejection of application by the Bombay High Court rejected which brought in notice by the environmentalists willing to halt the cutting of trees.


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