Monday, May 10, 2021

My Happy Place

Writing fact, fiction, faction, or even fantasy, putting pen  and paper in my hand can transport me to another...

Prayer for All Mankind

In the Old Testament times, God's armies were always led by the priests. When the waters parted in the Jordan it was...

What Is A Poem?

A poem is a group of words that are:Magical, lyrical, mystical, satirical, and sometimes sadistically, put togetherto stir the imagination and emotions of...

Service Dogs in Public Places

There are some misconceptions about Service Dogs in public places. The owner has to be in control of the animal at all...

How’s my Life?

A thought came in my mind... and it's here. This story does not resemble to anyone. A boy...

How was my whole day

We went to church, It takes a little longer to get me in the van and out of the van but it...

One of my love in Heaven

The Lord opened the heavens and brought another angel home. It brought grief and sorrow on earth;

Daily Stressors

Going through some of my writings, actually looking for something in particular. God gave each of us gifts, talents. What we do with our...

Father, You are our creator

This is an Intercessory Prayer for self or for others. In my case this started out as a prayer for me. However, I realize...

Where I Live

Where I live there are rainbows and I can drive through a rainbow, reach out and touch the hand of God. Where I live there are flowers and I can smell their fragrance and...

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Rubaru Mr. India, Songashim Rungsung talks about his award-winning national costume

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“Not all superheroes wear capes. We’re so proud of you,” Pankaj Kharbanda lauds model-turned-doctor, Gaurav Sharma

“Not all superheroes wear capes. We’re so proud of you,” Pankaj Kharbanda lauds model-turned-doctor,...

Dr. Gaurav Sharma, the winner of Rubaru Mr. North India 2020-21 title. “Not all superheroes wear capes....
Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

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