Cape Town could see Water Scarcity forthcoming; other cities circumspect

In the last three years, much has altered for the Cape Town city. Situated beside a flat-topped mountain, the South African capital Cape Town has plentiful natural water, attracting innumerable tourists across the World. Unfortunately, the city is running out of the water due to the drought that hammered recently making it the first city in the world to face Water Scarcity.

The drought has reduced the water levels in the dams situated around Cape Town region. Experts have prophesied that a day will come when the water level in the dams measures below 13.5% of the volume. If such situation arises, most of the water supplies will get turned off due to the water shortage. Citizens may require rooting their water from one of few available places in the city. Howsoever, each citizen can avail 25 litres a day under the circumstance of water scarcity from the military.

And so forth, the city is preserving water through water recycling methods & building desalination manufactories that will expect to make a water limit of 90 litres per person a day.

Climate Change – An uncertainty

The possibilities for severe drought are expanding in the Cape Town city. It is moving toward a state of being arid and desiccation. With the effect of the global climatic-change, the high-temperature and weather have considerably become hotter, drier in the city. Indeed, a study has revealed that tells the hotter climatic-change is prevailing across the globe at most of the season changes.

One study foretells that about 75% of the whole population will impend by deadly heat waves by the end of the year 2100, and there is also an analysis that has stated the high-temperature record may befall by 2030. It has also noted that in the past years, 30% of global groundwater stores were drained because of human-use, advising an opposite outgrowth against nature if water does not use in a way that least depletes natural resources. Hence, other cities are preserving water as much as they can.


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