Bulandshahr Brutality: Two people died including one police Inspector

Bulandshahr Video by an anonymous guy that recorded from a smartphone shows Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh’s (He was reportedly attempted to manage mob violence) body in the car with glass screen smashed and doors open.

4 persons arrested and 4 suspected after a police Inspector’s death by firing which was supposedly by a multitude that circled policemen in Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh), including the main accused, Yogesh Raj (who is absconding now). Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh tried to control multitude in Bulandshahr village after remains of Twenty-Five cows were discovered in a forest close to the police post, where Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was designated. A village man also killed by the same multitude after an hour incited by assertions of cow slaughter. They also set fire to the police station and their vehicles.


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