Brazil’s mom and blind son have become minor leading lights for the Soccer team Palmeiras

Love for soccer of a Brazilian football fan, who is also blind, has pulled everyone’s attention towards him when he was enjoying the match and his mother narrating the live updates went viral on Twitter and some of the prominent social media websites. Silvia Grecco and her 12-year-old son Nickollas have become the leading lights for the Sao Paulo team Palmeiras after the mother seen narrating whole match live updates of one of their matches from the gallery.

Nickollas was seen enjoying with the hundreds of other enchanting fans in dark green shirt with the voice of his mother about the live match was uploaded on Twitter. He was leaping up and down during the match.

This is not the 1st time when disabled fans have won the hearts of the social media users while enjoying the sports they love. However, while Nickollas’s mother narrating the match the love for soccer has illuminated in many fans who were disappointed with their soccer clubs’ recent matches.

Also, we have seen one such example in 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia where a fan was seen narrating the match (Colombia vs Poland) to his deaf friend using movements of the hand, which was also went viral (not like this one).

Their family members are supporting other teams so both came to enjoy the match with a schedule. And the Palmeiras team did not disappoint them, they won with 1-0 against Botafogo.


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