Benjamin Netanyahu sought by Israeli police in a corruption case

Notwithstanding the inquiries, the right-wing leader’s ubiquitous has grown due to the security policies and the opening of the American Embassy in contested Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been questioned by Police aloft his apparent business relations with one of the largest telecommunication companies, adding one more to his corruption cases while considering his political future. A few people asked the Prime Minister to resign when a vehicle carrying police officers came to hold at the prime minister’s official residence.

Police refused to comment, though Israel Radio when spoke, told that Netanyahu suspected over accusations he bestowed administrative favours to one of the Telecom companies of Israel for coverage on a news site along with the company’s owner controls. Netanyahu, who has been doubted twice in two cases have repudiated law-breaking.

The studies prognosticated that Netanyahu’s Likud – right-wing political party in Israel, which leads has comprised of right-wing and religious intellect people that would figure up more seats to its already holding 120 if an election would take into account. However, Israel is expecting its next national ballot in November 2019.


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