Beauty queen, Parvi Dhaulakhandi talks about celebrating her birthday with differently abled children

Beauty queens are much more than beautiful faces wearing scintillating crowns. They are strong and empowered individuals who wish to influence as many lives as possible, imparting a positive impact on others. It was recently proved by the beauty queen, Parvi Dhaulakhandi, who chose to celebrate her birthday with differently abled children. On September 3, Parvi Dhaulakhandi, a senior year student at Gwalior Glory High School, celebrated her birthday with the differently abled children of her city.

While speaking about her birthday celebrations, she mentioned, “I wanted to make this special day in my life even more special. Since childhood, I have always felt a sense of contentment when I see people around me happy and smiling. That is why this year, I chose to celebrate my birthday with the differently abled – deaf and mute children of my city. People who think that they only want our sympathy are not entirely right. They also need love and affection like any other kid. I did not want them to feel sidelined or left-out. I firmly believe that every child deserves equal amount of love and affection, free from any boundaries; every child deserves a chance at life filled with love, laughter and happiness. In hopes of giving them a fun-packed day, we planned a proper event for them, and seeing them happy and enjoying themselves, did put a smile on my face. We played different games followed by some creative and fun activities, we distributed gifts and I did get the opportunity to know them better. It was a wonderful day and I could not have spent it in a better way than this. My father has taught me that compassion and kindness are two of the greatest traits an individual can embody. These are my father’s teachings that have taken me this far and molded me into the person I am today. I will never forget this day and hope that God would give me enough strength to do such things in future as well.”

Parvi Dhaulakhandi

On August 29, 2021, Parvi Dhaulakhandi was crowned the winner of Rubaru Miss India Elite 2021 competition, culminated in New Delhi. She also won Miss Talented special award at the said event. Along with winning these awards, she also won the rights to represent India at the biggest international beauty championship based in the Oceania region – Face of Beauty International, to take place in coming months.


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