Assam wide awake after Bhutan deploys excess water from dams

A few flood-influenced areas in lower Assam are on alert after the release of excess water from the dam of Kurichhu hydropower plant in Bhutan on Thursday morning.

In Barpeta region, the government has alerted people dwelling on the banks of the Beki and Pahumara waterways engaging them to move to higher and more secure areas.

Since the discharged water would stream to neighbouring regions in Assam, rescue teams have deployed in these regions and also, alarmed occupants to take important measures to handle crises.

“According to our data, DGPC discharged water at 3:00 am and 5:00 am IST on Thursday morning. The discharged water will take a few hours to get impacted at Assam region, however we are on alert,” said an official, Assam Disaster Management Authority.

Regions other than Barpeta, Kokrajhar, Baksa, Chirang, Bongaigaon and parts of Kamrup are probably going to be affected by the arrival of water from the Bhutan dam.

According to DGPC, they have opened the shutters of the dam by 7 meters and 10 meters separately on Thursday morning discharging around 1200 cubic meters of water every second.

“Both the state and national disaster response teams are on alert, Army staff are on reserve and people living close Beki stream have been alerted,” said an official, Assam Disaster Management Authority.

More than 34 lakh people in 20 areas of Assam are affected by floods and 75 people have lost their lives until now. More than 2 lakh dislodged people from floods are still living in 933 help camps.


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