After CFO’s exit, Jet Airways CEO Vinay Dube on papers

Earlier in April; Jet Airways- an Indian and international business-like public service of air transport on 1 or more routes had to halt its operation on April 17th, 2019. Earlier this month, the airline had a tough time to deploy flight operations and crew scheduling fitting for each globetrotting due to rising crude oil prices and a falling rupee. In effect of these, it had cut-down maximum 25% of its employees’ salaries, and last month, the worse happened.

Now, Hours after Jet Airways’ deputy CEO and (CFO) surrendered, the carrier’s Chief Executive Officer Vinay Dube surrendered with quick impact on Tuesday, referring to ‘individual reasons’.

Dube’s exit pursues the acquiescence of the CFO of the grounded bearer, Amit Agarwal, on Monday. Agarwal’s renunciation is successful from May 13.

[Jet Airways’ deputy CEO and (CFO) Amit Agarwal have resigned, the aircraft said on Tuesday.

Agarwal’s exit from the company applies from May 13, it said.

“We wish to inform that Amit Agarwal, the vice president and CFO of the organization, has left administration because of individual reasons, with impact from May 13,” Jet Airways said.

The aircraft stopped its activities in mid-April because of intense liquidity crisis.]

This is the second prominent exit in the same number of days at the grounded Jet Airways.

In a recording to one of the news channels, the aircraft said Dube has “left the administrations of the organization with quick impact because of individual reasons”.


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