3D-based CT scanners will be on trial at IGI could let flyers to skip scanning for laptops separately

The one of the busiest airports – IGI airport will soon try-out for scanning flight bag(s) that could let passengers to skip checking for laptops and bottles separately, which are inside the bag. The same technology has been tested at John F. Kennedy International and Heathrow Airports a few days ago in the USA and UK respectively. It would greatly save time of the passengers as well as security personnel so passenger throughput becomes fast as compared to present-day.

A CISF personnel said, “We had informed BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) director-general about the machine and its trial in the last month. We had, also, asked to test it at Delhi, Mumbai airport.”

With reply to that, BCAS GD said, “We give thought to it and allow this technology at the earliest at IGI airport. We will review the machine specification soon and a decision on its side will be taken shortly.”

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company had allowed installing their machine at IGI airport as a pilot study so it could be installed at other airports in the country too after tested and approved.


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